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We do live in an exciting period of time. Huge challenges are combined with totally new possibilities. It´s convenient to turn inwards and look for support within ones comfort-zone – though, well aware of the importance of scouting in the context, together with others, for being able to make the right prioritations.

Systematic context scouting - ROTATIONSHIP® is an enabler.

It concerns us all, in almost all sectors. We meet to collaborate. Cultural changes begin where we are, and includes some roots of our personal history. People are social and have the ability to self-organize. By being prepared and by having accurate knowledge about the needs, logics and demands of your stakeholders and their value systems, will increase your attraction and your agility to act.

Scouting analysis is something we prioritize in our work. It’s unlikely that our prosperity tomorrow will look the same as it does today. That insight leads to requirements for understanding and movements at different levels in various organizations. Catch the opportunities to be found in good collaborations!


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