A tool for your attractiveness and management of skills supply.

Innovations and more new companies are expected to come up with new solutions and new jobs will be created. We offer the tool ROTATIONSHIP®.

ROTATIONSHIP® is a standardized base-service for personnel rotations, i.e. young graduates, between different types of organizations in purpose of (challengedriven) skills supply, skills development and innovation support for individuals and for organisations. ROTATIONSHIP® with a common defined theme is strongly connected to a clear value policy and it is welcoming other value adding actors to join in various ways. 

ROTATIONSHIP® is a neutral, sector neutral and organisational level neutral service that can be hosted in a Life science cluster as well as in a public community with a different business eco-system. In active collaborations ROTATIONSHIP® is a tool for (Challengdriven) skills supply, decreasing time to market as well as for shordening distance between the academy, the industry and the society.

ROTATIONSHIP Special is a tailor made variant of ROTATIONSHIP®. You connect to your logotype, decide who should be rotating and you can choose your own theme and keeping the strong values policies of ROTATIONSHIP®.

The service includes preparations, organisation and coordination of the rotations and the responsibility for the administrative as well as the logistic support and coordination of different activities. ROTATIONSHIP® is welcoming additional theme- and team building organisations for customized state of the art personnel rotations between different disciplines, different types of organisations and regions in the Nordics/(EU). 

To exemplify the value of ROTATIONSHIP®, the theme "Improved quality of life for people within a modern aging" is our scouting scope. It´s a broad theme, one of our global challenges. The rapid technical development is also covered, including Living & Construction, Health & Healthcare & Life Science, Food & Nutrition, Mobility & Transports, as well as Culture & Hosting.


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The common values that should characterize every ROTATIONSHIP® is about:

  • The participation of everyone:
  • Skills development
  • Social responsibility
  • Horizontal principles
  • Collaboration


•Establish cross-discipline understanding, skills and network

• Reduce the risk of costly recruitment errors

• Evaluations from different types of organizations in your value system

• A possibility for future leaders – innovation leaders?

• SME organizations can get the same possibility that usually is reserved for the really big ones.