An OPEN workshop with run for Mental Health in Lund 

Oct 6th is Run for Mental Health in Lund from 11 AM
What do we do of the curiosity?
How to release time for creativity at work?
How to release time for creativity at leisure?

Our smallest children speculate. Loads of academicians speculate. Only TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER along our learning journeys to everyday life - every day - we´ll find the longterm perspective. 

Regardless of main character and principal... What do we do of, by, with and for the curiosity? What is important for the trustworthyness in your "microsystem"*

The most will propably be in Swedish, but most Swedes understand English. 

The ability to ackowledge experiences and knowledge from outside of ones own comfortzone is very often crucial for reaching what you have as your goal. This is for all, regardless where you are as an individual or as responsible within an area.
The places where we move are different. Secure digital systems that have anything to do with people require both virtual and local basics microsystems where we feel the sense of trust to each other that makes our trusworthyness and contribution in critical situations.

Catch the theme in place!
We´ll make it simple.

How to make use of mutual curiosity?
How is  thurst for knowledge pronounsed?
Is it possible to measure knowledge turnover?
How make use of our respons-ability?
What is our bias about sustainability?
How would you like to approach a workshop open for microsystem*?
How hard can it be?
What makes you curious of different business- & organisational logics?
What makes you more present?
What is important to you - really?

What is a Microsystem?*

How to start just where you are? Without oddities and have fun. Just get more qurious.

Under the surface there are glittering ”pluralistic mycel” with people. ”Pluralistic mycel” that SUDDENLY in the right cultural circumstances can make great difference. Among us, there are more posibilities to open up for new ways of looking at things, to match with new insights together and to take new perspectives. What can we teach and learn TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER - about what´s possible now? 

See below the description by Björn Anders Larsson about how many hours of the Swedish economy  that really impact our common, your, your close ones health and no one left behind? 

(Offentlig=public, Idéburen=Not for profit, Näringsliv=industry, Hushåll=household)
(Offentlig=public, Idéburen=Not for profit, Näringsliv=industry, Hushåll=household)

Curiosity and thirst for knowledge gives us new insights to be shared all the time, cannot wait.

The biggest room we have is the room for improvements.
Make it together and make it more fun!

Global Health is Local! Local Health is Global! 

Our collective experience and the possibilities for wellbeing are increasing.
Make the GAPMINDER test with the spirit of Hans Roslings. Kids in school does it. Together we have a great responsibility for them and for long term effects. The pure self-preservation?

*What is a microsystem?

A microsystem is the smallest multiprofessional unit in a resident- and customer-centered process. It´s in this unit the value of services are developed and executed.

Residents/customers are equivalent members in the micro system and often works as the most important source for innovation.
The structure of the Microsystem can change over time, dependent on needs and demands of the resident /customer.

Interactions in one, and inbetween, microsystems creates its outcome. One microsystem share the same base of values and values. The microsystem has a common information system to support processes, monitoring of outcome and learning.

Working in a microsystem is to have a special approach to work - where all are active co-leaders who takes responsibility so that the dayly tasks, every day´s tasks is excecuted on the best possible way but also gets renewed when new needs occur. 

In a Microsystem all share the same goal and the same driving spirit: To create value for our residents and customers.

Can a microsystem between different human beings in relations with businesses- and organisations really be anything else? And kept when it really counts?

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We speculate about what can make more participants to Run for Mental Health in Lund and about how to make you more curious about it.
Join in your way! Here is the link to Run for Menatl Health i Lund th 6th of October! It is possible for companies and organisations to join in various ways!
Read more and register for Run for Mental Health Here

OPEN workshop in parallel with Run for Mental Health in Lund all day.

Stadsparken in Lund
a green tent rather close on the right side of the scene.

Oct 6th 2019 from 11 AM
The running starts at 2 PM

To be made together:
Bring paper&pen, dress according to the weather.
See something new?
Prepare a few words about your thoughts and curiosity about Run for Mental Health in Lund?

Do you have questions

Anna Larsson
Tfn: +46-708-100 766
Direct: + 46 -708-678 675

John Bauer 1902 from the exhibition on the museum in Jönköping. Think LOCAL and GLOBAL? so much knowledge and science have contributed that now we can SHOW ALL how reality outmatch fiction.
John Bauer 1902 from the exhibition on the museum in Jönköping. Think LOCAL and GLOBAL? so much knowledge and science have contributed that now we can SHOW ALL how reality outmatch fiction.
Inspitation about the magic in being humble, via
Inspitation about the magic in being humble, via