An OPEN variant of idea-rotaion for/by/with companies and entrepreneurs:

Second Thursday in every month at Finn Inn between 11:30 am - 1:00 pm with a suggested theme (can´t be anything but a suggestion)  Dag Hammarskjölds väg 2 in LUND in the room at te end of the restaurant. No one "owns" the agenda – surprise never ends. Please share!

Next idéa-lunch at Finn Inn between11:30 am-1:00 pm

Nov 14th: Novation curiosity about Symbols & Culture?

Come when you want,
Eat what you like,
Share what you want about the theme
Leave when it suits you.

Lunch is on the ordinary menu at Finn Inn, ordinary price. Give us a hint in advance so we can prepare Finn Inn in case we´ll be many. If we´ll fill the table let´s hope ther are more.

Under the surface there are glittering ”pluralistic mycel” with people. ”Pluralistic mycel” that SUDDENLY in the right cultural circumstances can make great difference. Among us, there are more posibilities to open up for new ways of looking at things, to match with new insights together and to take new perspectives. What can we teach and learn TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER - about what´s possible now? 

See below the description by Björn Anders Larsson about how many hours of the Swedish economy  that really impact our common, your, your close ones health and no one left behind? 

(Offentlig=public, Idéburen=Not for profit, Näringsliv=industry, Hushåll=household)
(Offentlig=public, Idéburen=Not for profit, Näringsliv=industry, Hushåll=household)

Curiosity and thirst for knowledge gives us new insights to be shared all the time, cannot wait.

The biggest room we have is the room for improvements.
Make it together and make it more fun!

Global Health is Local! Local Health is Global! 

Our collective experience and the possibilities for wellbeing are increasing.
Make the GAPMINDER test with the spirit of Hans Roslings. Kids in school does it. Together we have a great responsibility for them and for long term effects. The pure self-preservation?

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#The Mars symbol (♂) is a depiction of a circle with an arrow emerging from it, pointing at an angle to the upper right. As astrological symbol it represents the planet Mars. It is also the old and obsolete symbol for iron in alchemy. In biology and botany, it is used to represent the male sex (alongside the astrological symbol for Venus representing the female sex),[25] following a convention introduced by Linnaeus in the 1750s." Wikipedia
Lorenz attractor - click here to see a beatiful algorithm?

Lund attractiveness, companies and entrepreneurs.

None mentionned, None forgotten.
Please share and do inspire to make something similar or different!
We hope for more open and humble meetings in many different places! For all ages.No One Left Behind.

If any question, please contact:

OPEN idéa-rotation-meetings
Where you go for a meal or a "fika" and just "are" open to a humble way to meet other thougts and to share your own, have a nice time and feel good.
Warm and social about open themes that can boost your quriosity and if it happens please find new good contacts. 

Have your lunch to have a nice moment figure out something together, perhaps start a nwe Pluralistic Sector - layer by layer?

Find something new that
you can TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER- No One Left Behind.

Local Health is Global, Global Health is Local!
An infinite number of alternative paths to go.

What idea-rotation would you find interesting?
Do you have any thoughts or ideas about a "granssnitt" that you think would fit for an OPEN variant of "granssnittsmoten"?

Contact us!
Anna Larsson
Tfn: +46-708-100 766
Direct: +46-708-678 675