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Wednesday 27th February 2019  GrandHotel Jönköping:
OPEN for Microsystem-thinking -  workshops for qurious "experienced-teamers" for team-based work and having learning fun within the topic of Business&Organisational-ecology.

It is an exciting time. The Human Being is ONE species of how many on our beautiful Planet Earth. Nobel laureates speculate, so do you and I. Only TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER along the learning journeys to everyday life - every day - we´ll find the longrun perspective. We are all unique. The places where we move are different. Secure digital systems that have anything to do with people require both virtual and local basics Microsystems where we feel the sense of trust to each other that makes our trusworthyness and contribution in critical situations. 

The skill to acknowledge experiences and knowledge from the outside of ones own comfortzone is very often crucial for reaching what you have as your goal. This is for all, regardless where you are as an individual or as responsible within an area.

Business&Organisational-ecology require trustworthy learning processes metween people and mashines in differen organisations. Mutual curiosity, quriosity and thirst for knowledge. 

We´re preparing for an OPEN workshop at GrandHotel Jönköping about "Experienced teams" who would like to keep working for  both sustainable ability as well as for sustainable systems to manage the challenge of tomorrow. 

Right now we wellcome different idea-proposals to the "examle-box". Microsystems are microsystems. But they consist of, and they are influenced by people. The most energy-efficient sensors we have. 

How exciting can it be - the interaction between different organisations? Innovative business-ecoligy? The attractiveness in Microsystems. The feeling?

Under the surface fantastic ”Pluralistic  Mycel” of people can be found.that under certain cultural circomstances can make deed. Experienced teams having meaningful great fun. It is possible to open up and find new ways to match with the young and take perspective together.

In a point of fact, have the opportunities ever been better than now!?  We can learn, we can exercise and we can coordinate TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER – about what´s possible - Locally AND at the same time Globally!

The lagrest room we have is the room for improvement.

Make it together, make it fun and make it meaningful!

Vår samlade erfarenhet och möjligheterna till livsglädje och välbefinnande ökar.Our collective experience and our collective possibilities for joy of life and wellbeing is increasing. 
Try the simple test with exciting fresh knowledge that GAPMINDER gives in the spirit of Hans Rosling. Children in schools makes it.

What makes you curious about other business&organisational logics? What makes you more "alive"? Waht is important to you - really? V

How to start just where you are? Without oddities and have fun. Get more qurious TOGETHER WITH EACHOTHER. How hard can it be?
Please email and share your ideas.

Local Health is Global! Global Health is Local! 
Myriads of different journeys to get there.

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Inspirationabout the magic in being humble
Inspirationabout the magic in being humble
To be or not to be innovation leader and a curious human being 2019? Is that the question?
To be or not to be innovation leader and a curious human being 2019? Is that the question?
John Bauer 1902 THINK GLOBAL! So much knowledge and science that has contributed to that we now can SHOW ALL how the realithy surpasses fiction!
John Bauer 1902 THINK GLOBAL! So much knowledge and science that has contributed to that we now can SHOW ALL how the realithy surpasses fiction!

Transitional pilots:
How can the young tickle us ALL businesses&organisations - No One Left Behind?

Can we together as  "One-for-all-All-for-one" inbetween organisations work up eachother get inspire to curiosity and quriosity for different "Rookies" Newcomers? Quality of Life and health people in and around businesses and the communities in general.

A microsystem:
A microsystem is the smallest multiprofessional unit in a resident- and customer-centered process. It´s in this unit the value of services are developed and executed.

Residents/customers are equivalent members in the micro system and often works as the most important source for innovation.

The structure of the Microsystem can change over time, dependent on needs and demands of the resident /customer.

Interactions in one, and inbetween, microsystems Samverkan i, och mellan, mikrosystem creates its outcome.

One microsystem share the same base of values and values.
Tha microsystem has a common information system to support processes, monitoring of outcome and learning.

Working in a microsystem is to have a special approach to work - where all are active co-leaders who takes responsibility so that the dayly tasks, every day´s tasks is excecuted on the best possible way but also gets renewed when new needs occur. 

In a Microsystem all share the same goal and the same driving spirit: To create value for our residents and customers.

A Microsystem AllTeach&AllLearn workshop-day
We are now open for proposed tasks and ideas. After the Holidays we´ll be back avout further details.

This is demanding quite a lot. The food on the table - most good things start there. We all aim for positive learning and reflections together. It might as well end up in a New Pluralististic Sector . layer by layer? Surprise? See something new?

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