We´re looking for cross-boundaries networking hosts for the

In our application to stage 3 in THE NORDIC INDEPENDENT LIVING CHALLENGE (see realchallenge.info), a contest at Nordic Innovation in collaboration with the capital cities of the Nordics, we teamed up with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden as hosts for the service ROTATIONSHIP®.

Here you can see the solutions ready for stage 3. Even though we are not among them, we keep looking for good references and co-creative ideas for ROTATIONSHIP® between the capital cities of the Nordics. There are many good stops for ROTATIONSHIP® in between them!

We welcome collaborators with holistic perspectives. Host organisations can use ROTATIONSHIP® for enabling value development through curiousness and exchange between different geografic places.

The enableer ROTATIONSHIP® suits very well for collaborative pilots and projects, but it´ s made for systematic scouting in specific contexts for increased human- as well as structural capital.

Please dont hesitate to contact Anna Larsson for further details:

E-mail: Anna.Larsson@Projektsupportso.com     
Tel: +46-(0)708 100 766 Direct: +46-(0)708 678 675

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Please contact Krim Talia at
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden 
about how RIDE could contribute to your ROTATIONSHIP®.

ROTATIONSHIP® - one of the 75 solutions on The Nordic Independent Living Challenge Matching event 4-5 May 2015