Opinion article written by Barbro Westeholm, Prof. em and Anna Larsson, Projektsupport S-O,
Published in Kemivärlden Biotech Kemisk Tidskrift
No 4 June 2015:

A new approach to skills supply
The writers suggest a new way for research-intensive businesses and organisations to manage the skills issue – cross-sector job rotation.

Concern about skills supply is tangible in Sweden. Our appeal describes a path to ensuring future skills supply in individual organisations as well as entire sectors by means including utilising the experience and social commitment of older workers – “the elders” – coupled with young people’s needs for support and development. This requires leadership that promotes development and provides scope for innovation, reflection and workplace community.."  download the full article translated to English. 

Short versions of the opinion article at arbetet.se, in Borås Tidning and in Norran

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