Bringing in new energy, new eyes..
Different organisztions, generations and various cultures in collaboration will raise skills development in your organization and across the organizational boundaries in your value system.

With ROTATIONSHIP® 3-6 organizations rotate 3-6 trainees focusing on the same theme. Project Support S-O manages preparations, organizes rotations, coordinate opportunities for analysis and discussions around different challenges.

ROTATIONSHIP® 2017-2019 is a sevice that also can include small and medium sized companies

The target is to provide the organisations and the individuals new experience, attractiveness for skills supply and skills development though better understanding of the accurate context in your value system. 
How about risks and possibilities in your value systems?

Start with ROTATIONSHIP®  in true collaboration with other organisations. The external analysis is included! At the end your organisation will get a new employee, skilled in cross-bounderies collaboration, with accutate experience, network and accurate references from about four ather types of organizations working for a common theme. .


During two years  the graduates work as rotrainees a couple of months in every organization. During the rotations all the mentors and trainees meet to exchange their experiences and take part of different joint activities. Projektsupport S-O will manage and prepare the rotations and will be responsible for the administrative as well as the logistic support and coordination of different activities.

Specific details will be discussed with the host organizations. Some parts will be treated confidentially.The host organizations will temporarily employ the candidates and will be responsible for the content and assignments in their respective organizations. Every organization will choose their own mentor.
It is your trademark that should stand out!. 

Projektsupport S-O AB have a strong and serious commitment to lead this standardized, close to reality service, to a successful tool for supporting organizational and individual agility, decrease time to market and till support innovative working environments.

Does this sound interesting ?

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The common values that should characterize every ROTATIONSHIP® is about:

  • The participation of everyone:
  • Skills development
  • Social responsibility
  • Horizontal principles
  • Collaboration