When human skills is the most important resource for innovation and quality in the daily work for improvement

Quality registry Senior alert & ROTATIONSHIP®
for personnel rotations between your and other organizations?

Cultural changes begin where we are.
We meet to share knowledge bewteen individuals in diferent organisations.

Improved Quality and Value by Science and Proven Experience Transformed into Knowledge
- In everything we learn at what we do.

"Truths" become social conventions, which are based on common experiences and including mutual nurturing  within the frames of a particular culture. They develope to "discourses", i.e. talks in different forms around what we do, see and hear.

But for a certain individual the truth can be different, because that particular person has experiences that speak in a different direction than the prevailing convention.

We can thus speak about subjective, and social truth, a way to interpret and to understand the reality that is based on experience and created in interaction with other people.

Translated from Swedish: Jörgen Sandbergo Axel Targama, Ledning och förståelse Ett kompetensperspektiv på organisationer. Studentlitteratur2013

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When Health, Elderly Care of Tomorrow, Improved Quality of Life and Value is in Focus:

The National Quality Registry Senior alert is ”situated” at Qulturum in The County of Jönköping.
Senior Alert has several different offers as Health, Elderly Care of Tomorrow's, Improved Quality of Life and Safety is their main focus.

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Senior alert & ROTATIONSHIP®

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The Swedish National Quality Registries

Since many years Qulturum is cooperating with many different organizations, nationally and internationally.

There, the soft is the hard, shared knowledge the most important currency in systematic work for team-based development power and quality. THE DIGITAL LEADER of Senior Alert is the registrar who will not move an inch from the opportunities for ALL elderly Swedish residents to get the best possible quality of life and support by the digitization.

The common values that should characterize every ROTATIONSHIP® are about:

  • The participation of all
  • Skills development
  • Social responsibility
  • Horizontal principles
  • Collaboration

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